anthropologie catalogs

Full confession: I’ve never bought a single item of clothing at Anthropologie. It always seems a little too bohemian for me to be able to pull off. However, I get really excited when I peer inside my mailbox and see an Anthropologie catalog amongst the junk mail. They seriously have the best-looking catalog shoots in the history of catalog shoots. (Although Madewell’s catalogs win for the best paper – a thick, matte variety that smells kind of like a library.) One such catalog arrived a couple weeks ago and the setting for the lookbook was Amsterdam. It was so pretty I carefully tore out my favorite pages and pasted them into a scrapbook (which I got at Goodwill for 49 cents!). No joke. It was like old school Pinterest. Below are a couple images of the beauty that is Amsterdam as well as some others from previous shoots. I couldn’t find all my favorites from the latest catalog on the internet, but these will suffice. Enjoy!







Anthropologie posted a brief video of their Amsterdam catalog on their blog, too: Thanks to for the treasure trove of photos! (WordPress won’t let me cleanly link these right now.)


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