color palette play

When we bought our first house a few years ago it was painted a worn-out looking light blue with dark maroon trim. It was probably lovely to the woman who lived here, but it wasn’t what I had in mind and it was the first major change I wanted to make. I had long dreamed of living in a charcoal gray house surrounded by mossy rocks and evergreen trees, perhaps with a lake view (clearly a few vacations on the north shore of Lake Tahoe had a profound impact on my dream home), but our first house happens to be in Texas, not the mountains of northern California. I knew the image in my mind wouldn’t work as well in a setting filled with an intensely bright, almost white, sunlight and oak trees, and I felt stuck in paint chip limbo. (Although I must tangentially say that we very intentionally chose to buy a house in an older neighborhood full of tall shade trees that’s just down the block from a dammed creek populated by ducks and turtles, so we are not too far off from my Tahoe-esque dream in a way, but my point is that I had to create a new picture in my head for this different environment and I couldn’t for the life of me come up with an alternate color palette.) Then one morning I was doing laundry and noticed the lining on the waistband of one of my pairs of shorts had an abstract print made up of medium gray, white, and pale, dusty yellow. I immediately knew I had found my house colors. And like the freak that I am, I took my shorts in hand and went to Home Depot to match a waistband to paint colors. This all seems like a poor segue, but I was reminded of it when I saw that Diana from the blog Miss Moss partnered with ModCloth to do a similar (but way, way cooler) thing by coming up with outfits inspired by the color palettes of select pieces of art.


Inspired by Gauguin’s The Boss’s Daughter


Inspired by Modigliani’s Woman with a Red Necklace


Inspired by Schiele’s Setting Sun

Isn’t that neat? You can find more like it at


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